Donor Engagement

Please note that like other state associations who are volunteering in-kind services for NSAA, the Oklahoma State School Boards Association (OSSBA) is acting as the NSAA Fiscal Agent and collecting dues for NSAA. A separate bank account has been set up NSAA.

IN-KIND Donors

Katie Anderson, Partner, Carrington Coleman (Texas)

Joy Baskin, Policy and Legal Services, Education Counsel, Texas Association of School Boards (Texas)

D. Scott Bennett, Attorney at Law, Bennett & DeCamp, PLLC (Tennessee)

Shelley Chatfield, Chief Legal Officer, Fayette County Public Schools (Kentucky)

Phil Hartley, Pereira, Kirby, Kinsinger & Nguyen, LLP (Georgia)

Jim Keith, Partner, Adams and Reese, LLP (Mississippi)

Andrew Manna, Partner, Church Church Hittle + Antrim (Indiana)

Heidi Maynard, Attorney Shareholder, Vandeberg Johnson & Gandara, PS (Washington)

Julie Miller, Deputy Executive Director, and General Counsel, Oklahoma State School Boards Association (Oklahoma)

Tiffany Richardson, In-House Counsel, Berkely County School District (South Carolina)

Debra Silk, Associate Executive Director / General Counsel, Montana School Boards Association (Montana)

Doug Thorne, District Counsel / Chief of Staff, Elkhart Community Schools (Indiana)

Ben Torres, Assistant Executive Director / General Counsel, Tennessee School Boards Association (Tennessee)

Jackie Gharapour Wernz, Partner, Thompson & Horton LLP (Texas)

Jayne Harrell Williams, General Counsel & Director of Legal Advocacy, Alabama Association of School Boards (Alabama)


Alabama Association of School Boards

Georgia School Boards Association

Illinois Association of School Boards

Pennsylvania School Boards Association